I AM College is an innovative college in Amsterdam for entrepreneurial youngsters where they can discover and grow their unique talents

  • branding
  • creative direction
  • visual Identity


  • market positioning
  • value proposition design
  • social media & community management
  • content strategy & creation
  • digital marketing (Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn, Youtube, Email)
  • sales funnel


Branding & identity

We jumped in as their 4th team member to ensure their unique vision on education is expressed in their value proposition, positioning and branding.  We took care of the direction of creative agency Wunderwald in designing the visual identity and brand assets.

Website, content creation & campaigns

We build the website from scratch and have been running the social content from day one. Also we’ve been responsible for the marketing strategy and execution, resulting in doubling the growth numbers for two years in a row.

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