Privacy Policy


What kind of data do we collect from you and why?

We collect as little of your personal data as possible. The only times we collect data is when you subscribe to our newsletter.


Subscribing to the newsletter

At the bottom of most pages of our website, you can sign up for our newsletter. To subscribe, we ask you for your email address, which will subsequently be added to our Mailchimp mailing list. Mailchimp is a specialised digital service that helps us create and send emails to a large number of people at once. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter.


Sharing your data voluntarily

Sometimes situations occur in which you share personal information with us via email or any other channel, this information will then be stored in our database. If you wish for us to delete this data, please get in touch with us through


How do we protect personal data?

To protect your personal data from getting lost, destroyed, used, edited and spread by unauthorised personnel, we keep our servers up-to-date and only send personal details through secured (SSL/TLS) connections. Also, we have signed data processing agreements with all the suppliers of service we mention here. If you would like to look into your personal data, change or delete it, please contact us at


Cookie policy

To be transparent and open about the personal data we collect from you, we have created a cookie policy. This should help you to better understand the type of cookies we use on our website and why we use them.


First things first: what is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small piece of data that a website can send to your browser, which is then stored on the device you are using to visit that website. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember information or to record the user’s browsing activity. Cookies expire after you close your browser (session cookie) or after the expiry date which determines how long they stay in your browser has passed (persistent cookies).

Cookies can be removed in two ways: automatically, when the browser is closed and when they expire, or by manually deleting them. Check the site of your browser to see how to delete cookies.


What kind of cookies do we use and why?


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital service and software that helps us understand how visitors to our website use it. This gives us insight in how we can improve it in the future. Google Analytics cookies are placed when you visit our website. However, we adjusted our setting so that your data is anonymised, meaning that we cannot trace any website behaviour back to you. If you would like to learn more about Google Analytics cookies, please click here for more information.

Types of Google Analytics cookies we use:

_ga Expires in 2 years and is used to distinguish users in an anonymous way
_gid Expires in 24 hours and is used to distinguish users in an anonymous way
_gat_gtag Expires in 1 minute and is used to throttle request rate


Newsletter via MailChimp

When we send a newsletter to you, we use MailChimp. MailChimp places web beacons to optimise email campaigns. Details on this can be read below and in their privacy policy.

“We automatically place single pixel gifs, also known as web beacons, in every email sent by our users. These are tiny graphic files that contain unique identifiers that enable us and our users to recognize when their subscribers have opened an email or clicked certain links. These technologies record each subscribers email address, IP address, date, and time associated with each open and click for a campaign. We use this data to create reports for our users about how an email campaign performed and what actions subscribers took.”


Clients and cookies

The cookies that we place on behalf of our clients, through their digital channels, fall outside of the scope of our cookie policy, as this varies per project. Information on the cookies that collect data on behalf of our clients can be found in their cookie policy. We strive to only place cookies when necessary, and we advise our clients to do so as well.

If you have questions or comments concerning the above, please send us an email via

We use cookies to optimize your browse experience, analyse traffic and offer personalised content.